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How to conquer the website building mountain - for free

Firstly, how long have you been struggling with the Internet for before you found this page? If you’ve been sitting staring at a screen for any longer than thirty minutes I want you to stand up (if you are able) and walk five times round the room while shaking some life back into your arms and body. Please. Here, I’ll do it with you, come on. Get up already!
Okay, now we’re back to sitting comfortably, I want to ask you - What do you need a website for?
Is your business something that will flourish once it appears on Google searches, or is it more that word-of-mouth will work better for you and you need a site to refer people to on business cards and adverts? If you don’t know, don’t worry right now about it, I’m just wanting you to realise that maybe at this stage you don’t need to be spending your hard earned cash on an all singing, all dancing website, there is another way to build a website for free, until you are ready or require something bigger.
Basic Websites
A basic website is so…
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The Best Things About Alopecia

I debated for a while whether to write about having Alopecia Universalis, and how to write about it.  It opens up something quite personal to me, I don't see myself as a victim, and only want to write to try to help other people who perhaps are going through something themselves and need a little confidence booster.
What happened? All of my hair fell out around my tenth birthday, being thirty-four now, I don't really think its going to come back.  And that doesn't really bother me, because I don't really think about it much at all.  At the time, my family around me were shocked and wanted to find a cure, my friends at school were sad for me, but they did amazing things like a sponsored walk to raise money for it, before there was really a huge established charity for Alopecia, before the internet, before crowdfunding, and the support network was a hand-typed newsletter by a woman who had hairloss too.  
My mum and I tried the NHS wigs, but somehow I went from having my…

Breaking News - the Turnbulls save Scotland, again! In 1515 ...

Reading through Rulewater and It's People, by George Tancred of Weens (Published in 1907) I came across this interesting little snippet, which tells of the bravery of the Turnbulls of Rulewater, amongst other clans, who managed to save Scotland, again. Not only did they save the life of King Robert the Bruce when he was faced with a fierce charging bull, but they drove back an English invasion in 1515. The wee bridge will be worth adding to a visit to Rulewater, to take in the scene of the battle.
I have made no attempt to correct the typos in this online extract found by clicking here, but the book is available to buy, and I'd really recommend a copy on your shelf its a wealth of stories and information about the Turnbulls and the Rulewater valley, click here for more info.
Although the estate of Abbotrule is now much smaller in extent than it was formerly, it still contains one or two places of interest. On the farm of West Fodderlee an encounter with the place where the Bo…

A Spooky Tale from Rulewater and It's People in time for Halloween

A Spooky Tale from Rulewater and It's People George Tancred of Weens wrote the history book Rulewater and It's People in 1907, its a valuable insight into life in the Rule Valley in the 'olden days', when people journeyed on horseback and the pace of life was a bit slower.
I found this spooky story this evening, fitting in time for the nights drawing in and Halloween's approach.  I have copy - pasted the text from the source and have made no attempts to edit or change this, it is filled with typos and would be quite time consuming.  If you would like a paperback copy of this brilliant book, which doesn't contain any of these internet glitches, click here for more info.

The story tells the tale of seeing a Will-o-the-Wisp which sets fire to a horse-whip, somewhere near the setting of Fulton Tower, near Bedrule.  I myself saw a will-o-the-wisp in Rulewater in May 2016 as I drove along a tarmac road, and welcome comments from anyone else who has seen these strange…

Six of the Best Baby Halloween Costumes

Mummy and Daddy are all organised for their Halloween Party, but what about baby? How do you make the cutest thing on the planet look spooky and scary? Here are some ideas to get that newborn looking like they crawled straight out of the underworld.   Okay, nice try! A baby in a Halloween costume is still the cutest thing on the planet. I am of course, biased having my wee four month old baby George lying sleeping next to me. Or is he sleeping? Perhaps he is plotting a pumpkin carving for all Hallows eve.   Here are some of my fiendish favourites that I found on Etsy for your bundle of joy to look super cute this Halloween. Any excuse for me to look at cute baby outfits! 1.  Baby Skeleton 
For the baby that's bad to the bone this simple baby gro will transform the chubbiest of cheeky cherubs into a dancing skeleton.  Click here for more info. 2. Crochet Rocky Boxing Outfit
I just love this little outfit inspired by Rocky, bring out the boxer in your wee bundle, a crochet outfit alw…

The Chair - A Spooky Short Story

The Chair 
I didn’t tell my husband about the dining room chair when I walked back into the living room. He was busy watching a television programme about a bunch of people who vanished off the face of the earth, and there were so many times I interrupted his television watching with irrelevant statements I thought I’d leave this one unspoken. We were in the process of sorting out the guest room, it was a separate space next to the house and I had been climbing the ladder with all sorts of items, up and down, up and down, clearing out that room so we could actually get round to using it. It had been a dumping ground for so much. Mostly things were dumped in there by my husband, as in the beginning it had been so much easier dumping things in that large empty space, and then, it just became another one of his storage spaces for endless items that he wouldn’t let me throw out. Maybe a couple of things here and there slipped out of my hands and into the bin, rather than into the att…

Some Spooky Places to Visit this Halloween in the Scottish Borders and Beyond

Looking out of the window this morning at 6am it was pitch black, and as the light began to creep into the sky, the field was filled with an eerie mist, which got me thinking to the 31st October, and all things a little bit ghostly.  Are you looking for somewhere authentic and atmospheric to visit this Halloween? A place with a genuine spine-tingling haunted history to give you goosebumps? Or for somewhere inspiring to get you in the spooky spirit?
I've listed some of my top haunted places here, some based in the Scottish Borders, and some a short drive away.  Why not make a weekend of it, check out my website to look for somewhere to stay while you explore them?
Why not also dress up in costume when you visit and get some truly memorable photographs?  I'd love to see some of them!  Etsy has a great range of authentic looking costumes to choose from, click here for more info.
1.  Jedburgh Castle Jail

Jedburgh Castle Jail is built on the foundations of the origin…