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Two Smelly Dogs and a Campervan on the Isle of Arran

What is it that keeps me coming back to Arran? As my husband said while we were there, we could probably have went somewhere nice and sunny abroad for the same cost. And of course, he reiterated several times after he said that, he didn't mean he wasn't enjoying Arran and having fun. But why did his wife's idea of fun involve trekking three hours across Scotland to a misty covered Island and dragging him on walks?
I don't travel alone, though I used to and enjoyed it immensely. I now go fully equipped, the ultimate traveller package completely kitted out with complaining ("I'm not complaining!") husband, seven year old step-daughter, ten month old son in nappies, and two farting dogs. All sharing a twenty-year old six-seater people carrier that some campsites like to class as a touring camper van to get extra money out of us, so we park up away from everyone else, and I think that's partly so no one else has to endure the smells that waft out each ti…

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